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As it’s such a big part of my hobby time, I have decided to dedicate a page to my Rocksmith antics.

Rocksmith is a UbiSoft computer game/learning tool. You can find out more about it right here Rocksmith it’s a very good way to encourage you to play the guitar on a regular basis.

Part of the Rocksmith fun is the community, I am particularly interested in the Steam community that addresses Rocksmith. It is nice to have access to others that are experiencing the same things. It is also an invaluable tool when you have any issues with Rocksmith. (Yes, there are sometimes issues).

I think most things that you do are easier, more fun and more rewarding when you have others experiencing the same things.

One thing I am impressed with, one of the RS users created a software tool to extract all the guitar tab out of the RS songs. This tool is a massive time saver if you want to get the guitar tab for each of the songs that you have in RS. You can get a copy of the software from here RocksmithToTab it was written by CABAListic.

You can import the tabs into TuxGuitar and use them there.

Someone else created a database of all the songs available for Rocksmith it’s called Rocksmith Song Search he updates it as new songs are released.

I have finally started to create some custom songs for Rocksmith 2014. I started out with just a simple Happy Birthday tune, it is simple enough to set up and can still use all the aspects of creating a song. The part I would like to work on next is creating custom tones. I have been searching for tones that others have created but am not finding anything online. I am going to work on compiling some tones that I use in my own custom songs. I have created a blog page with some more information on it. Custom Songs for RS14