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Brilliant Gun Sites

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I just found a craigslist for guns it allows you to browse guns in your neighborhood and it allows you to post your own listings.

It looks pretty cool not sure how well it works.

There’s another one called

That’s brilliant too.


These worked very well. I was able to sell two of my guns quite quickly. I  was very impressed. I will certainly look here if I want to buy more guns.

Long live the Proscan

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So the Vizio is completely dead, I received a new 39″ Proscan as a gift from my wonderful girl friend. We are back in business. I notice that the Proscan starts much quicker than the Vizio. It’s a nice TV with a mimimalistic surround. It looks good and sounds good too. – I am very happy with it.

I hooked up my old Roku 1 box to it and now I can watch Netflix and Plex with no issues.

RIP the Vizio TV

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So today the Vizio TV has died. I think it’s a power supply issue. The clue was that the white light is not coming on anymore. It appears that the on/off button is no longer working. I saw a YouTube video that showed someone replacing the power supply but I am not sure that’s something I can do economically. I can get a new smart telly for $200 or a power supply for $35 then it may not work… I  may take the telly apart and see if I can test it with my meter to make sure it’s the power supply. It will be interesting to see what’s broken.

Linux Stuff

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I have been a proponent of Linux for a long time. I love that the distros have become so complete and easy to use. It amazes me that the Linux desktop hasn’t penetrated the business world any further than it has. It is such an easy to use and stress free product.


When it was first around, Linux was a difficult platform because many things just didn’t work, you had to tinker with it to make it work in a way that you wanted then the dreaded update would come and break everything. Those days are long gone. Now, my Plex server is an Ubuntu LTS version. It sits there happily doing its thing and updates can be applied remotely.

I also run my MythTv on the same Linux box, it runs flawlessly and is easy to maintain. I can also access my Linux machine through SSL remotely from anywhere. This means if I want to make an update I can.

There is a webserver running on that server, I just use it to provide a place to launch everything else. It makes remembering what’s where much easier.

Vizio TV update

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So today the TV seems to be getting worse, now not only does the remote not work but I couldn’t switch the TV off, I had to unplug it from the power. – I am not sure what could be causing it. I am wondering if its worth putting any time and money into this TV (it’s about 7 years old) or if I should just bite the bullet and get a new smart TV. That would give me a better TV with Netflix and Plex built in. I have looked at the Roku TV too, that would be interesting.


I don’t use anything but streaming on that TV so there is no worry about connecting cable or satellite to it. I am working really hard on ditching cable. I am keeping a close eye on SlingTV if they would just add Nicktoons I would be on it like white on rice!