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Brilliant Gun Sites

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I just found a craigslist for guns it allows you to browse guns in your neighborhood and it allows you to post your own listings.

It looks pretty cool not sure how well it works.

There’s another one called

That’s brilliant too.


These worked very well. I was able to sell two of my guns quite quickly. I  was very impressed. I will certainly look here if I want to buy more guns.

I have a drone

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I have a cool little drone, it’s a Parrot Rolling Spider. It is fun to fly, there’s an app that you run on your phone to control it.

The only problem I have with most of the drones out there today is their batteries only last for 8-10 minutes, that is about just enough time to get the controls down.

My little guy is really an indoor drone, I took it out in the wind once and it was blown out of the sky in seconds. You can take pictures from above with it. The camera is not very good but works. I am currently trying to get it to upgrade but it keeps yelling at me. I will figure it out and put some details on here so I can remember how I did it for next time.


That’s my little guy right there. You can remove the wheels but if it crashes and you don’t have the wheels on it’s likely you will break the propellers.


Connecting my Rocksmith to my guitar amp

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When I first got Rocksmith (RS) I was trying to figure out the best way to hear me playing along with the backing track. I started out just listening the PC speakers but to be honest, they were lack luster. I then switched to headphones, they protect everyone else from my noise and they all me hear everything but, they were literally making me deaf. After playing my ears would be ringing (I know I could turn it down but then you don’t get the same feeling). So, eventually I got my VOX guitar amp out and set up my computer output to go straight into my amp.

The VOX amp has all kinds of built in effects but RS has the effects built in so I just wanted to amplify the output clean. I set the VOX up to do that and now when I play I hear my guitar with the RS effects and the backing music and lyrics all through my amp. Of course with my amp, I can make it much louder than I need it so I try to manage that carefully so as not to shake everything off the shelves!

The setup is pretty simple, I connect the RS realtone cable from my guitar and into the computer as normal. I have a cable that runs from the computers headphone jack to the guitar amp input (1/8 to 1/4). I bought a cable to do this that is long enough to reach between the two without issues. – I know this is just using the amp as a glorified PC speaker but it works for me. I also have a cable splitter that will allow me to cable to the computer and separately to the guitar amp. This gives me the guitar sound coming from the amp and the RS sound coming from the computer. The problem for me is then I have to create effects to make my guitar sound the way it should for each song. Although that sounds like fun, it will take way more time than if I just work the way I have it now.

Rocksmith fun and games

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One of my favorite things to do is play my guitar. When I play, I usually play a video game from UbiSoft called Rocksmith.

This is not an ordinary video game, for starters it uses a real guitar. Essentially you plug your guitar in to the computer using a special “realtone” cable. This takes my analog guitar sound and turns it into a signal that the computer can read.

The game is very full featured, it has several ways to learn and play guitar and bass. The learn a song part is similar to the Guitar Hero presentation. There is a note highway that send down notes for you to play, if you play them all on time you are playing the song (lead or rhythm). The ingenious part of this, it uses a thing called dynamic difficulty. It will present a subset of the notes from that song to you the first time through. Depending how well you do with that it will start to give you more notes and based on your score it will continue to make it more difficult until you are playing the whole song. – A brilliant way to coach you through learning a song without having a real live teacher.

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