Cat Wheel Chair

I met a sweetheart little cat who had been hit by a car and injured his spine. Regardless of this horrific injury he is a lively and inquisitive little fellow that can move his front legs and scoot around on his bottom. This can cause issues with wear and tear on his rear end. His back legs appear to have some feeling but are not working as they should. He needs a “cat wheel chair” so I thought how can we create something light enough, strong enough and cheap enough that we can make it a reality for him. How about some some plastic plumbing pipe and pair of wheels?


Here’s the first attempt. The idea is his back legs will sit in the sling and the front of the wheelchair will be attached to a harness.



Here he is trying it on for the first time. It needs some adjusting, it’s a little too tall for him yet. We will get that right and do a final fitting then hopefully, he will be able to move himself around without hurting himself.

Great news! Thanks to the dedication of the folks at Hoof and Paw Vets this little guy is able to walk again… ┬áJust look here.