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Liz’s new acquistion

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Yes, here it is her new guitar.

LizGuitarIt’s an Epiphone Les Paul Special II

What a lovely guitar, should make playing Rocksmith a lot of fun. It’s a little lighter than the Les Paul Standard but plays very much the same.

Now a quick Rocksmith 2014 tip:

To change the headstock representation from a 6 in line to a 3+3 headstock do the following:

Go to the main menu where you can choose “Learn a song” and “Session mode” etc.


  • Spacebar (tools)
  • Options
  • Play settings
  • Guitar Head
  • 3+3

Cool Guitars

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Going to work on a new project¬†Albatross DIY Guitar¬†it’s a Les Paul style that needs to be built from the kit. I will start out by selecting a finish for the guitar then working on that, once I have the finish I will work on the body. Then, I will decide what the headstock shape should look like. I will fashion the headstock to that shape then finish that too. Once I have completed all the preliminary finishing I will assemble the guitar and put all the pieces together.KitGuitar

So here’s my kit before we get started. There are pictures of everything in the box (note, no instructions whatsoever!)


This is the box with all the parts in it. I looked at the body and there are definitely some areas that need some filler. I am going to research the best way to fill it. Obviously if I use some filler I can’t use stain to color the body as the filled areas will show up like sore thumb.


This is the back of it, you can clearly see that we do not have a one piece solid body but, keep in mind you can’t expect a $2,000 guitar. This is a cheap kit and so far looks like a good kit as long as you keep your expectations in check.



This is a little closer on the body. I like the look of it even though it’s a very thin veneer. I tried a few of the pieces together and they seem to fit reasonably well. I like what they have done so far but on the right hand side where the neck meets the body the binding is sticking up above the body and interfering with the neck. I need to file that down to prevent it from interfering with the neck position.

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