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Line6 Amplifi FX100

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Just received a Line6 Amplifi FX100 as a gift, it’s a multi-effects pedal on steroids. – It has man built in AMPs and Cabinets plus all the pedals I could possibly want/need. It is a piece of hardware that has a bluetooth connection to and Android or iOS device.

I am using it with my Nexus7 and setting up the FX100 so I can play Rocksmith songs and use the pedal to play the tones that I need to sound like the song. – I have already created a couple of custom tones based on the Rocksmith tones, they are pretty analogous if you use your judgement to select similar amp, cabinet and pedals. There are some things you need to know to get the FX100 working and the documentation is pretty sparse but once you figure out the basics it’s lots of fun.

I will work on documenting some of it here when I get the time but for now, I think it’s very cool.

One of the ideas I had is to use the FX100 to findĀ a tone for the CDLC I am creating then use that a basis to create a new custom tone for my own CDLC. It should be fun to try. – I just wish I had more time to do that.

I was able to set up a few tones, load them on the hardware and the navigate using the foot switches to the bank (25) that has my tones in it then navigate through the tones using foot switch A through D. It works pretty well, if you have the Nexus on the screen showing that bank, clicking the foot switch will change the current tone on the Nexus, it’s pretty slick. I have already uploaded one tone to the Line 6 tone cloud and expect to get a little more prolific with that.