Custom Tones for Rocksmith 2014

I have done a lot of searching and so far, there is no easily accessible repository for custom tones. I will keep searching but if I can’t find one, I will have to start building my own library. I want to use the custom tones in custom songs that I make for Rocksmith 2o14 see this page Custom Songs for Rocksmith 2014

I just found this information about adding the tones;


  • Scroll to the position you want to have the switch at: idealy not exactly on the first note with the new tone, but a little bit before. Otherwise the note might get chopped of or something and in reality you would hit your pedal right before you play the next note as well.
  • Go to Track->Rocksmith->Tone Change->Add
  • Give it a name. Careful: The name must be one from the Tone Name dropdown menu you find in the Toolkit under Edit Tone. The same names will be associated to another.
  • Repeat for all tone changes
  • Under Track->Rocksmith->Tone Change->Names you can (and maybe must) define the default tone.
  • Your default tone should be added @ position 0 seconds

In the Toolkit

  • Make sure the tone names are the same as used in EOF
  • Under edit arrangement select the tones (base should be the default tone, I think)
  • I had to check the box “disable tone slot changes…”, otherwise my CDLC wouldn’t start