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Roku and Sling

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Well cord cutting can be painful. Part of the attempt at reducing my ever growing cable bill was to cut back to the basic cable package. That worked but we lost ESPN and with it, access to Monday Night Football. – That bites so we came up with a solution, sling tv. Sling is an all streaming offering by Dish TV that provides a handful of channels. It cost $20/month so it’s quite expensive unless it hits the mark on several channels you want/don’t have. So we tried to watch Monday night football on Sling (a channel on the Roku) – Man that sucked, it was choppy and went blank many times. It was basically unwatchable. This was a free trial so we expected that was the end of that story however, after calling them it appears you can access the Watch ESPN channel on the Roku as part of the subscription to Sling Tv. So we watched last nights MNF and sure enough that was a sweet experience. I think the ability to stream channels will only grow and that will become the delivery vehicle of choice.