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Quickbooks really?

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I just wasted another hour trying to figure out how to print a liability check for a wage garnishment, really quickbooks?

Here’s how you do it:

  • QuickBooks 2014 and higher:  Choose Employees > Payroll Center. Click thePay Liabilities tab.  Towards the bottom, under Other Activities click Create Custom Payments.
  • Once you get in there set the date to pay the liabilities up to the date you withheld the garnishment
  • Then select the liability and create….
  • Now it will create a check with the right information on it.

I am not covering how you create the liability here as that is a whole other bunch of hunt and peck.

Roku and Sling

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Well cord cutting can be painful. Part of the attempt at reducing my ever growing cable bill was to cut back to the basic cable package. That worked but we lost ESPN and with it, access to Monday Night Football. – That bites so we came up with a solution, sling tv. Sling is an all streaming offering by Dish TV that provides a handful of channels. It cost $20/month so it’s quite expensive unless it hits the mark on several channels you want/don’t have. So we tried to watch Monday night football on Sling (a channel on the Roku) – Man that sucked, it was choppy and went blank many times. It was basically unwatchable. This was a free trial so we expected that was the end of that story however, after calling them it appears you can access the Watch ESPN channel on the Roku as part of the subscription to Sling Tv. So we watched last nights MNF and sure enough that was a sweet experience. I think the ability to stream channels will only grow and that will become the delivery vehicle of choice.

Howdy El Capitan

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I am in process upgrading my old Macbook Pro to El Capitan. Everything I have read says it should be faster even on my old machine. I am excited to see how it works and what benefit it provides. Of course, I will post something about it if it’s good or bad. I know there are a bunch of new features but I am not as interested in the features as the performance. I just want it to start apps quicker than it has been.

I was quite impressed with Yosemite and how much faster that was. If this is as incrementally faster as that was, we should be in great shape with life in the old dog yet. – Did I mention, I love my Mac!

OK, so not off to a great start. Downloaded the new OS then started the installer, it proceeded then the screen went blank and I got a spinning cursor on a black screen (not the beach ball). That just sat there for ages with no apparent progress. I waited (like you do) and nothing happened, a little research and seems this is not unheard of. I restarted in “safe mode” except the computer wouldn’t restart it just kept shutting down. So, I tried a restart not in safe mode, it started and brought up the installer. Now I am sitting here with the installer screen showing 23 minutes to go. We’ll see if it completes, I can tell you that 5-7 mins later there is 23 mins to go but the progress bar has moved a little bit.

Still going, it says 9 mins now (their ability to predict the time it will take is not very good).



Brilliant Gun Sites

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I just found a craigslist for guns it allows you to browse guns in your neighborhood and it allows you to post your own listings.

It looks pretty cool not sure how well it works.

There’s another one called

That’s brilliant too.


These worked very well. I was able to sell two of my guns quite quickly. I  was very impressed. I will certainly look here if I want to buy more guns.