I have a drone

I have a cool little drone, it’s a Parrot Rolling Spider. It is fun to fly, there’s an app that you run on your phone to control it.

The only problem I have with most of the drones out there today is their batteries only last for 8-10 minutes, that is about just enough time to get the controls down.

My little guy is really an indoor drone, I took it out in the wind once and it was blown out of the sky in seconds. You can take pictures from above with it. The camera is not very good but works. I am currently trying to get it to upgrade but it keeps yelling at me. I will figure it out and put some details on here so I can remember how I did it for next time.


That’s my little guy right there. You can remove the wheels but if it crashes and you don’t have the wheels on it’s likely you will break the propellers.