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Welcome to the wmc2Plex documentation wiki

Wmc2Plex is a Plex channel (plugin) that provides PVR functionality to Plex by enabling it to act as a client to ServerWMC. ServerWMC is an application that runs on a WMC installation giving clients like Wmc2Plex access to the Windows Media Center PVR.

ServerWMC must be running on the wmc machine in order for the clients to connect to these services. Please note that this software relies on wmc being completely configured (tuners, EPG, channels, etc). Once configured, it is not dependent on whether wmc is actually running.

wmc2Plex is created and maintained by: Salphonso

 Current Version: Alpha 0.9.0

For discussion regarding wmc2Plex plugin please go to the forum wmc2Plex forum on Plex.tv

ServerWMC is created and maintained by: krustyreturns and scarecrow420

 Current Version: 1190 

IMPORTANT: When requesting support for problems please please provide log files.

You can find out how to get the log files for the Plex plugin here.

For the ServerWMC log file, in its application window go to the 'Debug' tab and click the 'Current log' button. Older logs from previous days can be accessed through the 'Log Directory' button.


Update out on Git for Alpha 0.9.0.

Major changes:

  1. Added seperate Guide and LiveTV sections. Currently LiveTV will just give you a list of the channels with no EPG data. This is for if you want to get a quick channel list and select to start streaming one.
  2. Guide sections functions as Channels section did before. It will show you now playing, and more detailed listing when clicking in the channel itself. This is where you need to go to schedule recordings.
  3. Other sections still function as they did before.

Any feedback on the changes are greatly appreciated. Keep in mind I do plan to add now playing to the LiveTV section. I am just working on a way to do it without over encumbering the system with channel listing requests.

Current functionality

  • Works with any machine with a configured and working WMC installation, so long as ServerWMC is running on that machine.
  • Get list of LiveTV channels
  • See what is currently playing on those channels
  • Stream LiveTV from those channels.
  • Get full guide data for a configurable amount of days when in channel view (added 1/8/2015) - See Post 18 for more info
  • List scheduled recordings, Cancel Scheduled recordings (added 1/16/2015) *This is for single items only. Series management is not implemented yet.
  • Transcoding profiles (added 1/16/2015)
  • Ability to record currently playing programs (added 1/16/2015)
  • View/stream recordings
  • Works with any tuner configured in WMC.
  • Can access tuner output using DLNA for tuners that support it.

Future plans

  • List scheduled Series Recordings
  • Manage and schedule Series Recordings
  • Functional EPG for those clients that can support it. (This may not be possible through the current Channel API)
  • Rewind, Pause and Fast Forward on live TV.

Development Environment

Wmc2plex is written in Python on Windows 8.1. ServerWMC is written in C#.

Plex Version :

Server OS Tested : Windows 7, 8.1, Synology(Thanks Rog), QNAP(Thanks Breezy)

Clients Tested : Plex Home Theater, Plex Web, Roku 3, Plex Android, Plex Samsung, Plex iOS

Networks: Tested on LAN, WiFi, and over 4G network on Android. (This means successful streaming of LiveTv form your home to anywhere in the world as long as you have a decent cell connection.)

Settings in wmc2plex channel

IMPORTANT: Changing any of the settings described below requires Plex to be restarted for the change to go into effect.

serverwmcip - put in the ip of your machine running ServerWMC. Use the default value of 'localhost' if the Plex server is running on the same machine as ServerWMC.

serverwmc_port - This port must match the client connection port set in ServerWMC (see 'General' tab). Default is 9080 for both wmc2plex and ServerWMC.

server_wmc_epg_days - This will dictate how many days of EPG (guide) info to fetch from ServerWMC. default is 7. This is more for future use as in its current state it only shows what is now playing on the channels.

debug_level - If you are reporting a problem, we recommend changing this setting to 'Verbose' before capturing the log file. After changing the setting restart Plex and recreate the issue, then send the resulting log. Otherwise, default is 'Normal' but can be turned to 'None'.



All streams are transcoded by Plex, ServerWMC does not transcode, although it does repackage non-dlna live streams and all recorded tv files (wtv) to a TS container before streaming.

When you are looking at scheduled recordings, keep in mind, clicking the item will cancel the recording.



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