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  • Windows Media Center (WMC) installed, configured and working on a windows machine on your network.
  • ServerWMC installed and running on the same machine as WMC.Download Here
  • Plex server installed. For more on the Plex server see Plex Download. The Plex server does not need to be running on the same machine as ServerWMC (see procedure instructions below for more info about this).
  • Administrative access to the Plex server machine.

Typical Configuration

Configuration Diagram

Windows Media Center and ServerWMC can be on the same machine as the Plex Server software, but it is not necessary. However Windows Media Center and ServerWMC must be on the same computer. It is not necessary to use Network Attached Storage (NAS) but with large file sizes and libraries, many configurations will benefit from it. Once the system is set up, you should be able to access the Plex server as normal from any device that has access to the Plex.

All TV recording takes place on the Windows Media Center PC, just as normal with WMC. But with the combination of Wmc2Plex and ServerWMC all the PVR functions of WMC are now available to Plex clients through the Wmc2Plex channel.These features include:

  • Viewing live TV channels.
  • Scheduling recordings.
  • Viewing Guide data.

Setup Procedure

  1. Download the Wmc2Plex software from here
  2. Unzip the bundle and make sure the resulting folder is named wmc2plex.bundle (sometimes the download may have '.master' appended to the end of the folder name, if it does then delete this '.master' extension).
  3. Copy the bundle to your Plex servers Plug-ins directory. See this link to help you locate the correct directory. On Linux it is in
    /var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library/Application\ Support/Plex\ Media\ Server/Plug-ins
  4. Restart the Plex server (or reboot the computer that the server is running on)
  5. Log in to your Plex server and you should see a new channel (Wmc2Plex) available to you.
  6. When you mouse over you will see the edit (pencil) icon. Click on the edit icon
  7. In the setup screen make - if Plex is running on a different machine then ServerWMC - enter the IP address of the machine that is running ServerWMC. If the Plex server is running on the same machine as ServerWMC, just leave the default setting of localhost.
  8. Check that you have the correct port number for the connection, the default is 9080 for both Wmc2Plex and ServerWMC. You only need to change this value if you changed the default port in ServerWMC (see the 'General' tab in the ServerWMC app).
  9. If you have made changes in these Wmc2Plex settings, save the new settings and restart the Plex server.
  10. After the restart, click on the Wmc2Plex channel and you should see the icons to use WMC.

Known Issues

  • If a program crosses midnight its not playable. The fix for this is actively being worked on.
  • Experimental player needs to be unchecked. It's under Settings > Web > Player in Plex Web
    • On Android clients, turning off the experimental player has fixed audio sync issues.

Trouble Shooting

  • Don't panic! We are all in this together.
  • You may have some issues, this is Alpha software after all.
  • Prepare a copy of your log files from Wmc2Plex. Turn on 'verbose' logging in the Wmc2Plex channel settings, then save the settings and restart Plex. After triggering the problem, locate the Wmc2Plex log file and include it in your problem post on the Wmc2Plex support thread. Plex Log File Help
  • You may be asked to include the ServerWMC log file too after the problem is triggered. Prepare a copy of your log files from ServerWMC ServerWMC Log File Help
  • Go to the forums and see if you can find your issue solved there.
  • If it is not already solved, post your issue and include your log files. Although Krustyreturns and Salphonso want to help you, they do have day jobs (well at least Salphonso does, KR is just a lazy sod). Please be patient and wait for an answer to your post before you bump. :-)
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