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 +**PTFE tubing and fittings**
 +The tubing used in the Tornado is 2.00mm ID and 4.1mm OD. (Need to fact check this)
 +Make sure that the PTFE tubing is fully inserted into the fittings.
 +**This step is crucial! ​ Failure to have the PTFE tubing full inserted into the hot end can cause filament leaks, which can jam and break fans, and fuser the thermistor and heater cartridge to the nozzle and heater block. ​ This is very difficult to completely clean.**
 +Push the black plastic ring into the metal fitting until you feel a soft click. ​ This causes the small teeth that bite into the tubing to retract. ​
 +Now push the tubing all the way in and when finished release the pressure on the plastic ring.
 +There are small printable clips that you can print to help keep this in locked position, you can find these link for these [[https://​www.thingiverse.com/​thing:​2125136|Bowden Tube locks here]]
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